Direct Marketing Agency

Direct Marketing Agency

Lynup Mission - [lahyn-uhp mish-uh n]
- noun, verb, adjective, all of the above

  1. Lynup powers profitability, strategic objectives, and market success through creative leadership and innovation in tune with client process and culture.

  2. Our vision is to improve the lives of all individuals through the power of convergence.

Meet Team Lynup
Parvin Kaidi Parvin Kaidi
President & CEO

Although Parvin's focus has always been in a business development capacity, she is a hands-on executive that understands the functionality and operational components of the products and services she represents. Parvin Kaidi
Rick Hilmer Rick Hilmer
Media Division
When you ask Media Division's Rick Hilmer, how he got his start in marketing, he will tell you with Peterson Outdoor in Orlando in 1993. Direct Marketing Agency
Aaron Gaeir Aaron Gaeir
Business Development
Aaron Gaeir thrives in a creative, dynamic and supportive environment and has enjoyed success throughout his career creating profitable ventures in Media, Healthcare, and Biotech. Direct Marketing Agency
Drew Brickweg Drew Brickweg
Executive Vice President of Operations
With more than 20 years of marketing and direct mail program management, Executive Vice President Drew Brickweg brings extensive operational experience and passion to the Lynup leadership team. Direct Marketing Agency
Jennifer Davis Jennifer Davis
A San Diego Native, Jennifer Davis grew up with a passion for seeking out the truth and fighting for what was right. Direct Marketing Agency
Aileen Shaw Aileen Shaw
West Cost Media Manager
Not judging each day by the harvest reaped but more by the seeds planted, West Coast Media Manager, Aileen Shaw, proudly brings over twenty-one years of experience growing the outdoor advertising industry. Direct Marketing Agency
Ari Chasin Ari Chasin
East Coast Media Manager
As the East Coast Media Manager, you'd never guess that Ari Chasin once got his 15 minutes of fame as Fredo Corleone in a flashback scene of the Godfather, Part II. Direct Marketing Agency
Chris Kramer Chris Kramer
East Coast Media Manager
Chris Kramer has over 14 years of experience in the Outdoor Advertising industry. Positioned in Atlanta, Chris serves as our Eastern Regional Media Consultant, developing new sales and managing agency and client-direct business. Direct Marketing Agency
Maria Ferrier Maria Ferrier
Print Production Manager, Southeast / Eastern Region
With over twenty-one years of combined production and media buying experience, Maria is a true leader not only for managing bottom-line performance but building long-term client relationships. Direct Marketing Agency
Tawnie Moore Tawnie Moore
Director of Account Services
Born and raised in San Diego, CA, Tawnie played Division-I soccer at CSU Fullerton and graduated in 2004 with a degree in broadcast journalism. Direct Marketing Agency
Christie Adams Christie Adams
Northeast Region, Account Services
Christie Adams has several years of experience in the Out of Home industry, with a specific expertise in Alternative Media. Direct Marketing Agency
Holly Larsen Holly Larsen

With more than 12 years of experience as a marketing and communications professional, Holly is driven to deliver targeted communications strategies and campaigns designed to drive results.

Direct Marketing Agency

Direct Marketing Agency
Every so often, you meet someone who absolutely loves where he works. Who bounds out of bed in the morning and arrives at the office all smiles. And instead of worn-out by day's end, feels energized, thanks to the people, the culture, and stimulating work.

Direct Marketing Agency

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Direct Marketing Agency

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