Travel and hospitality is all about appealing to customers' sense of excitement, adventure and fun. Lynup knows that when people are choosing travel, they are seeking something special that takes them out of their everyday world and gives them something extraordinary. What we want to do is help you make sure that it is your business they choose when they need to get away.

Among the many ways we support travel and hospitality are:

• Vibrant and compelling marketing materials — both print and online
• Customized direct mail promotions
• VIP programs
• Customer retention programs — stay in their face
• Rewards programs
• Travel information kits
• Promotional items
• Multi-channel communications
• Time-share campaigns
• Call center

From creative services and list management to complex kitting, fulfillment and distribution, there is no limit to what Lynup's solutions and your imagination can deliver.

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We have production plants strategically located in key targeted US cities, which allows faster time to market and lower distribution cost.
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