# Cruncher

Jennifer Davis
San Diego, CA

A San Diego Native, Jennifer Davis grew up with a passion for seeking out the truth and fighting for what was right. While still living at home, Jennifer spent her summers working for her mom, who was a credit union CFO. Although she was exposed to the glory of numbers early, having reconciled her first bank account at 12, she didn't see accounting as her calling. In school, she convinced her teachers that she was self-motivated enough to only attend on test days. Her grades remained consistent enough that she barely had to attend school.

With a scholarship to Berkeley, she had decided to pursue law but took time off to save for additional expenses.

She took a position in the credit union and came to realize that solving problems in numbers was much more fun than solving problems in law. However, solving written directions still confounds her and even today, she will say that if she had to put together her own furniture from instructions, she wouldn't trust it!

Jennifer continued to work for the credit union until she was offered a position as Franchise Accountant at Jack In the Box, Inc. After 3 years, Jennifer had become less enchanted with "the 9 to 5" and decided to form Pacific Bookkeeping Service to provide her part-time income while working on her accounting degree.

Ultimately, having completed her degree and gained a solid client base, Jennifer took the leap and quit her full-time job with Jack In the Box to pursue what made her the happiest – her business. It has been 10 years since starting her business, and every day proves itself to be a new and challenging day. Through her experiences, she has learned that if you want something you have to go for it.


Favorite Quote
"In the future, when I am tempted to ask the question, "Why me?", I will immediately counter with the answer, "Why not me?". Challenges are gifts, opportunities to learn." – Harry Truman




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