Lynup specializes in helping federal and state agencies communicate important messages to the public that educate, inspire behavioral change, and improve adoption of new services and resources. As a minority, woman-owned business with a national reach, we're proud to support local communities everywhere and share our unique approach to reaching populations at state and national levels.

Lynup's solutions are designed to perform in the most demanding situations in order to increase your productivity while still meeting your budgets. We provide high-quality products and services in a secure environment that save time and reduce waste.

Our image and data capture solutions ensure you have fast access to archived materials without risk of loss. When you need online support, Lynup's secure web applications and online communications portals bring people, perspectives and ideas together.

We also help you with programs that are positioned to touch individuals at every level — from broad-based national public education and PSA campaigns to highly targeted outreach programs that connect with special populations.

We're fluent in the areas of healthcare, education, financial literacy, social marketing and other programs as well as multi-cultural and multi-lingual programs and know the ins and outs of government needs.

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We have production plants strategically located in key targeted US cities, which allows faster time to market and lower distribution cost.
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