Laura Erlauer, author of Brain Compatible Classrooms, stated, "Using color to emphasize key points can boost memory retention by 25%." As a leader in print communications solutions, Lynup provides you with the ability to control print costs while still bringing learning to life in color.

Lynup understands the need to make every education dollar stretch. This is why we are proud to support the education industry in numerous ways to help manage costs and reach students and alumni. Some of the solutions that we support educators with include:

• Prospective student surveys
• Direct mail for student enrollment
• Personalized URLS (PURLs) for survey and response management
• Registration reminders
• Newsletters
• Alumni communications
• Directories

Lynup also has event-related solutions such as surveys, handouts, big-screen advertising, text message, mobile marketing, out-of-home media, response management and more.

This is just a sample of the many solutions that Lynup brings to the education industry. Talk to us about what we can do together.

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