How many times have you asked,
“what did I do before...”

and you fill in the name of your phone, your favorite software or simply say “the Internet?”  As technology continues to evolve, companies are driving more environmentally-friendly solutions and benefiting from lower costs, higher quality and easier management. Additionally, with a good digital strategy, you experience improved results through highly personalized messages that speak directly to the recipient and their needs. 

The environmentally-conscious evolution from paper-based communications to an electronic environment helps you drive better management of your information.  Lynup works with you to load customized information for automated placement into multiple documents that ultimately reduce your high inventory storage costs by maximizing on-demand production.

Output capabilities include the following in each of our plants:

  • High speed B/W laser imaging
  • Books produced and bound on-demand
  • Personalized color documents
  • Portal-based form entry systems
  • Template-based production - accessible through web portal
  • Online change/version management
  • Online proofing and change requests

Web Applications

It's more important than ever for your business to have flexible web applications that serve every facet of your business needs. With our broad range of user-friendly, intuitive, customizable applications, you can be sure that we’ll have the easy-to-use solution you need to manage your business and get your messages out.

  • Customized software development solutions
  • Content and document management
  • Landing pages
  • Storefronts and shopping carts
  • Training sites
  • Integration with social networks
  • Testing and interactive sites
  • Call center integration
  • Order management solutions for product and literature, including estimating

Social Media

We’ll help you integrate with public social networks and also custom private social networking infrastructure. Together, we will take a look at tools like blogging, Twitter, Facebook, Yelp and how you can use them to grow your business and better connect with customers.  Once we have helped to determine your strategy and execute on it, we will also establish a method to analyze metrics to ensure that your goals are being met.

Capturing the attention of your target audience with just the right media mix is critical to delivering leads and, ultimately, closing the loop on your campaign.  Lynup’s team of strategists are ready to mix up a media cocktail that ensures everyone is feeling good.

We get you the attention you need...
When and Where you need it...

Straight up.


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We have production plants strategically located in key targeted US cities, which allows faster time to market and lower distribution cost.
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