Electronic Document Solutions
Specialist in image and data capture

With advancing digital technology, document storage has become more streamlined and easier to manage than ever before. This is why Lynup is a specialist in image and data capture.

With this approach, you benefit from scanned documents that are indexed and easily accessible online.  This saves staff time on manual processes, not to mention money on storage space.  With a robust marketing campaign in force, response mechanisms such as applications, response cards and business reply cards can all be barcoded, scanned and easy to read. 

Our process for managing your image and data capture is straightforward and ensures nothing is left to chance. To ensure project success, we take several steps toward document preparation. A guideline is negotiated prior to the pickup date, which summarizes all the required steps to properly process the documents.

Document Pickup and Delivery:

We start with a checklist that describes the documentation being picked-up and carefully review your guidelines prior to pick up to make sure all steps are fully understood and all questions are answered. Staffed company vehicles ensure secure pickup and delivery which includes a manifest which outlines the number of boxes, content and volume for the designated pickup.

Document Preparation:

The Document Preparation Team focuses on staple removal, binding removal, document repair and page orientation and specific requirements such as special handling of Post-It Notes, color images and media.

Document Processing:

All processing conforms to the highest industry standards. Our document processing methodology ensures that the natural or specified order of each document is maintained and that files are prepared to enable the best possible conversion results. 

We strive to maintain the highest resolution possible for all images and employ specific labeling strategies to track projects through each stage of the production process.  Most importantly, each job has a designated Lead who performs quality reviews to identify variances and makes adjustments. 

Document Recycling:

Once documents have been processed, originals are returned upon request.  If the material is to be recycled, our team will destroy and recycle the materials.


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