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Your strategy to channel your message at just the right time and place should be created with the support of a team of visionary experts who know how to think outside the cubicle. Lynup’s team of strategists will look at your campaign strategy and execute on the right mix of media to spread your message successfully. 

Channel strategies we’ll explore and recommend include a mix of traditional, unique and digital that gets your message right where you need it to be.

Broadcast Marketing

The Lynup team can help you strategize on your single message, broadcast marketing needs so you channel your message through the right vehicle to the right audience. Channels can include email, telephone, text messaging, mobile marketing,  television, radio, regular mail and social networking sites.

A few examples of broadcast marketing include political candidates that send a broadcast message to all potential voters via phone; a company that sends a mass e-mail to customers and prospective customers announcing a special sale, or a bank using TV screens in its lobby to broadcast its especially favorable interest rates.

The main advantage of broadcast marketing is that it is often less expensive than creating individualized marketing communication to target individual customers or segments of customers. It can be especially cost-effective when an inexpensive medium, like e-mail or a social networking, is used to convey the message.  Our team will work with you to determine the best way to ensure the message is received and your audience responds.

Out-of-Home Media

Ready to see your name in lights? Out-of-home media advertising is more effective and less costly than many people realize. This industry has grown to include…

Mass transit
Mall and airport displays
Cinema and hotel advertising
Mobile advertising
Building projection

Lynup has the media-buying expertise and relationships to facilitate out-of-home advertising as part of your overall strategy. With our exclusive, proprietary software, we have access to hundreds of thousands of locations all across the country.  This gives us access to real-time information using street views and Google mapping. 

Alternative Media

Marketers can now reach consumers in places they never could before, such as in their pocket, on YouTube, while playing a game, at sporting events and during broadcast programs using a multitude of technologies and devices. These media forms help you uniquely connect with people, ignite word-of-mouth and are embraced by popular culture.

Lynup collaborates with you to implement such campaigns as:

Guerilla marketing
video production
Street teams
Chalk art



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