Ari Chasin
East Coast Media
New York, NY

As the East Coast Media Manager, you'd never guess that Ari Chasin once got his 15 minutes of fame as Fredo Corleone in a flashback scene of the Godfather, Part II. And it was this 15 minutes that led Ari from his work as an equity momentum trader to one that combined his analytic skills with his creative expression in out-of-home media.

Ari began his outdoor advertising career in 2001 with Massive Media, setting up alternative advertising events for his clients. He quickly moved up the ranks from Market Manager to Director of Alternative Media where he executed many award-winning campaigns.

Ari has truly found his sweet spot in the world of big, exciting endeavors. Not only has he attended more than 1000 live concerts, he also played part in building the world's largest BBQ.

In 2010, Ari was recruited to join Grandesign as Director of Alternative Media. Over the years Ari has never stopped thinking big. He loves what he does because every event is different and oftentimes these customized campaigns have never been attempted before. Ari works out of New York and lives with his beautiful wife Carina and their newborn son Ryder.


Favorite Quote
"Why don't you call me sometime when you have no class." - Rodney Dangerfield




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